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Port Batavia

Old Djakarta

semi-overcast 29 °C

After another Harrisly good breakfast, we took a taxi back to the museum for a bit more detail on cultural and historical matters before going on to the original Dutch port area that was known as Batavia where we found a good traffic-free square being enjoyed by people hiring old Dutch bicycles, complete with straw hats for the ladies and pith helmets for the men. We had coffee at the amazing Cafe Batavia which is an intact colonial building that housees an enormous collection of photos and prints on all of the walls as well as lots of antique furniture and general colonial opulence.

Unfortunately, many of the 16th century buildings away from the square are crumbling. We walked along a putrid canal to see a Dutch-era bridge. It is near to the sea and by this stage the waterways are a stinking black ooze. To get away from the smells we jumped on a small bus and immediately got trapped in a traffic jam in the sweltering heat. After some time, we arrived at the old port of working Sulawesi-built sailing ships.

We then took a taxi for the extended traffic jam back to Ben's workplace in Tebet. He took us to dinner at an outdoor food stall area. Service here is a captivating performance that includes a communal soliciting process (the like of which I have never seen) followed by an equally communal ordering and food-sourcing process. After an interesting and tasty meal, we wandered through an antiques expo that was setting up before returning to the Bakoel Cafe. We finished the evening with a ride in a shiny, new blue Bajaj back to the hotel.

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Mad distances on the Toowoomba Escarpment

3 °C

For many months now, we have been reaching new levels of insanity as we prepare for the trip. We have built up from our daily 10-15 km relaxation rides through the park to some full-on 50-80 km jaunts down and back up the elevation of the Toowoomba range. My psychological self-readiness test was to be able to do a complete loop from up here to down there and back without getting off the bike and walking. On Sunday we went down the rollercoaster-style Silver Pinch Road behind Flagstone Creek to Helidon and on to Murphy's Creek. We had lunch at Spring Bluff and then came up the 21% gradient to Mt Kynoch and home. I pedalled all the way .... I think I'm ready.

The bikes went to the bike shop for packing today and we said good-bye to them until July 3rd.

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